Carter T. Butts "Detecting Structural Biases Across Networks: Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Social Network Data Using Reference Quantiles"

    Many basic questions in the social network literature center on the distribution of aggregate structural properties within and across populations of networks. Such questions are of increasing relevance given the growing availability of network data suitable for meta-analytic studies, as well as the rise of study designs that involve the collection of data on multiple networks drawn from a larger population. In this talk, I present a family of techniques that combines a classic approach to the identification of structural biases in network data (the use of conditional uniform graph quantiles) with strategies drawn from non-parametric Bayesian analysis. The methods described here employ quantile information to allow for principled inference regarding the distribution of structural biases within (and comparison across) populations of networks, given data sampled at the network level. I illustrate the use of these techniques by application to the study of interpersonal power in urban communes and centralization in emergency communication networks. Some computational issues relating to posterior simulation will also be discussed.


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