John Myles White “Methods for the Measurement of Political Ideology”

    How can we measure a person's political ideology? Traditional methods in political science depend upon the use of voting records, but this restricts the application of these methods to voting members of political bodies and therefore provides researchers with no tools for measuring the idealogy of the vast majority of citizens. The most famous of existing methods, the Ideal Points model, has been among the great successes of quantitative political science. Nevertheless it has proven difficult to use Ideal Point methods to extract the nuanced and multi-faceted ideological stances that politicians in the United States are sometimes argued to possess. In my talk, I will suggest that we can begin to develop more easily deployed methods for measuring ideology by turning to novel data sources, including text and social network data. I will review work that has used floor speeches and press releases to develop a measure of ideology based only word count data as well as subsequent work that has used matrix factorization methods to estimate ideology from social network and text data from Twitter. I will also discuss ways in which the Ideal Points model and several related models can be situated in the broader context of approximate matrix factorizations.

    Bio: John Myles White (http://johnmyleswhite.com) is a Ph.D. Student in Princeton University's Psychology Department, where he studies behavioral decision theory and is advised by Jonathan Cohen and David Laibson. In addition to his work on decision-making, John has worked on developing novel methods for measuring political ideology using text and social networks. In addition to his time at Princeton, he has worked at Microsoft Research and is the author of two books on machine learning for a non-academic audience that were published by O'Reilly Media. His undergraduate degree was in pure mathematics.


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