David Lazer " How We Think Together "

    Abstract: How do we think together? In particular, how do groups of individuals solve problems, and how do our patterns of communication affect collective problem solving? This presentation summarizes a series of laboratory and computational experiments in which communication patterns are manipulated. We find that increased communication reduces how much a group experiments and probability that the group will find the solution. However, increased communication does increase the probability that the group retains the optimal solution and the confidence subjects have that they have found the right answer. We also examine the impact of exogenously imposed diversity in networks. Does segregation of types of actors increase or decrease group performance? We define two different types of diversity-- one based on ability, and the other based on solution. We find that segregation improves performance for solution based diversity, and decreases performance for ability based diversity.
    Bio: David Lazer is an Associate Professor in Northeastern University’s Department of Political Science and the College of Computer and Information Science and Director of the Program on Networked Governance at Harvard. His work focuses on the nexus of policy networks, computational social science, and collaborative intelligence. He is a reviewing editor for Science, and his research has been published in such journals as Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, the American Political Science Review, and the Administrative Science Quarterly.


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